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Did you know?

Last year the theft of three, fully decorated Christmas trees, was reported to the British police - they had been removed from shops and houses together with their lights and decorations.

Contrary to their own publicity, one of the leading UK super-market groups DID NOT use off-duty members of the SAS to protect their Christmas trees. There was no need for such protection as the group now sells only plastic Christmas trees.

the average Christmas tree takes an average of 8 years to grow from a sapling which is itself 3 years old.

all Christmas trees are grown from seed - pines, firs and spruces are ancient varieties of trees, and never developed the ability to grow from cuttings.

 there are more than 10 different varieties of Christmas tree grown in the UK.

The most common tree sold is now the Nordmann fir.

The UK is now self-sufficient in producing trees.

 All trees are hand pruned every year to improve their shape and ensure that Christmas trees are conical

the USA has banned the importation of artificial trees from China because they are concerned about the importation of pests.

The Christmas tree outside No. 10 Downing street is presented by the winning grower of the British Christmas Tree growers association's "best Christmas Tree" competition.

The tree in Trafalgar Square, London is the only un-milled tree over 12 feet allowed be imported into the country.

Different types of Christmas tree are used in different parts of the country/world for example the Scots Pine is more popular in the North of England than the south.

Father Christmas always has a Nordmann fir.

The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.

Recycled trees have been used to make sand and soil erosion barriers and been placed in ponds for fish shelter.

Christmas trees remove dust and pollen from the air.

7 million Christmas trees will be planted this year.

Artificial trees will last for less than six years in your home, but for centuries in a landfill.

Electric Christmas tree lights were first mass produced in 1890.

In the first week, a tree in your home will consume as much as 2 pints of water per day.

Christmas trees are wrapped to protect the branches from damage during shipping.

An acre of real Christmas trees provides for the daily oxygen requirements of 18 people.

Every year since 1947, the people of Oslo, Norway have given a Christmas tree to the city of Westminster, England. The gift is an expression of good will and gratitude for Britain's help to Norway during World War II.














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