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As a Christmas tree farmer and retailer, I have had a great deal of opportunity to witness the decision-making process that is involved in choosing a Christmas Tree. My brothers and I have often looked on, secretly amused at the way couples decide on which Christmas Tree they should choose. Some physiologists would perhaps be interested in the mix that occurs; there is the pressure, similar to that of going on holiday, that comes with the choosing of a Christmas tree. The process should be, and normally is romantic and fun, however it also comes with the time restraints of the modern pressured life and the fact that the children either have there own very strong opinions on which tree to buy or who would rather be somewhere else entirely.

On occasions we could have made some money from offering (some punk) marriage counseling advice!

Perhaps the major problem is that choosing a Christmas tree is at the juxtaposition between the "female role" of choosing what is in effect seasonal furniture, and the "male role" of the hunter gatherer - going outside and choosing the tree. Indeed choosing a Christmas tree at a decent Christmas tree farm is pretty much the last outdoor shopping ("hunter-gathering") opportunity that most men get, away from paved streets, in modern life.

Of course none of this conflict ever really materialises, mainly because most couples either defer to the opinion of their children or because there are far more important things to worry about. Women tend to organise earlier in the Christmas period, whilst men given the choice would buy their tree at the very last moment - probably Christmas Eve (or Boxing Day).










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